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Now, you can ideate and make the most amazing hook in seconds. For the first time ever, a tool that uses an AI algorithm for generating irrestistable thread hooks.

Hook Generator

From keyword to hooks

Generating hooks has never been easier, with our intuitive interface you will be generating hooks in no time.

Hook Refiner

Ensuring virality

Trained on the best hooks, our A.I has been optimized for virality. Refining your hooks has never been easier.

Hook Library

Get inspired

Library of thousands of hooks across 20+ categories. You can use these hooks to get started immediately, or make them your own with the refiner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hook?

A hook is the first Tweet you see on your timeline as part of a thread. A thread is a series of connected Tweets by one person. A hook leads your reader into a thread and is the critical factor in whether your thread succeeds or is left in the dark.

Can I try Tribescaler for Free?

Absolutely. We have a 7-day free trial. Your subscription will start at the end of the 7-day period.

How do you generate the text?

We use cutting edge AI generating text word by word. This results in completely original content, delivered in seconds.

Who has the rights for the content I generate?

You have total ownership of the content you generate. We keep the rights to use the content to train the AI and make Tribescaler even better.

How do I use the hook?

Copy the generated text and paste it straight into Twitter or you thread editor of choice.

What categories can Tribescaler write for?

Tribescaler can write for almost any category! From growing fungus to baseball strategies. It's been trained on million of tweets, books and webpages. See if you can test the limits!

Can I cancel my account if I not longer need it?

Of course, feel free to cancel your account anytime. You can come back and upgrade again whenever you're ready.

How do I know if the hooks will work?

Tribescaler has been created with and verified by top content creators with more than 100K followers. Our early adopters are consistently writing viral content. You can also trust yourself, and ask if you would click the generated hook.

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